Garage Cleanout Services in Corona, CA

Clean out a garage for an affordable price by contacting Southland Junk Removal! Our garage cleanout services are the answer to even the messiest garages around.


Garage junk is a very real problem for just about anyone who owns a garage in Corona, CA and other nearby areas. Junk doesn’t appear at first, but as time goes on, it builds up and eventually becomes overwhelming. Obviously, this is no good! What should you do when you’ve got a veritable mess on your hands? The answer: contact Southland Junk Removal for garage cleanout services today!

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Why Our Garage Cleanout Services?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that cleaning out a garage is hard work. What’s more, it’s time-consuming work. In order to sort through the stuff in your garage, you’ll probably need to use your weekend off, and who wants to do that? That’s your time to relax! Maybe it’s time you let the professionals help you with your messy garage instead. Contact Southland Junk Removal, and we’ll remove all that garage junk in the blink of an eye!

We proudly offer clean out services and junk removal services that are better than the competition. We always provide friendly service, and we don’t drag our feet. Instead, we focus on the task at hand and get it done! Additionally, our cost to clean out a garage is very affordable thanks to our volume-based pricing. Franchise businesses might try to scam you with hidden fees, but we don’t play those games. We’re honest and courteous to you every step of the way. After all, having the pros clean your garage should be simple—so we’ll keep it simple!

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Our Garage Junk Removal Process

  1. We will always be there on time with a positive-minded crew, an empty junk removal truck, and the excitement of finally being able to meet you!
  2. Open your garage and let us know what you want us to haul away. We’ll divide your garage’s things into two categories: stuff to keep and stuff to toss.
  3. We’ll load all the unwanted belongings into our truck, then help you rearrange anything you wanted to keep. Your garage will look much better this way!
  4. Finally, we’ll accept your payment, bid your farewell, and head out so we can dispose of the junk. Thanks for choosing Southland Junk Removal!

Removing Appliances from Garages

It’s tough work to clean out a garage, but the presence of certain heavy items can make it even more difficult. As an example, consider that you may have bulky appliances inside of your garage. Many people keep their washing machines and dryers in the garage. You might have a freezer in your garage, or you might have a water heater. Whatever appliances you have in your garage should be functional and operational. Otherwise, they’re just wasting your space. Do you feel like broken or old appliances are wasting your garage space? Then ask us for appliance removal services!

Appliances that you wouldn’t be able to haul alone won’t pose any difficulty to Southland Junk Removal. Since we bring multiple people to every job, we’ll be able to hoist the appliances up and remove them from your garage fast. We’ll dispose of them, too. That way, you don’t have to lift a finger or do any of the work for yourself. Serving you is our pride and joy!

About Us

Southland Junk Removal is not just another one of those franchise-owned “big box” businesses. Instead, we’re a locally owned, family-owned, and veteran-owned business that puts the needs of our neighbors and community first. Where the franchises charge hidden fees and act as if they’d rather be anywhere else, we provide affordable prices, work fast, and make it clear that we’re happy to help you. Our service can’t be beat! Want to get started with us? Contact us today, and we’ll set you up with our garage cleanout services. We can even provide you with a same-day or next-day appointment!

Garage Junk We Take

Gardening Equipment
Barbecue Grills
Bagged Trash
Cardboard Boxes
Plastic Bins
Old Electronics
Old Decorations


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