Commercial Junk Removal Services

Business owners know that any given day of the week is likely to be busy already, so why try to work DIY junk removal into your schedule? When you have any kind of commercial junk on your property, trust Southland Junk Removal to be there soon to take it away for you. We’re happy to serve you because business-to-business relations is our business!


Running a business can be exciting, stressful, and hectic, and because of this, you’ll often find yourself short on time. However, this means there’s no time to clean up one of the byproducts of running a successful company: junk. Don’t worry, though, since Southland Junk Removal has the commercial junk removal services you’ve been looking for. We are ready to swing by your business for a junk pick up, be it an office, warehouse, shop, restaurant, or something else!

Southland Junk Removal is based in Corona, CA, but we serve all of Southern California. What’s more, we’re ready to serve you in a flash, so if you need same-day or next-day availability, feel free to ask. We’ll get you set up right away, and we’ll see you not long after!

Why Us for Commercial Junk Removal?

Commercial junk removal services, such as commercial cleanouts, are time-sensitive jobs because teams work better when they’re not surrounded by waste. However, it can be difficult to find a junk removal business that can match your busy schedule. This is why we provide flexible scheduling at Southland Junk Removal. Since we are open Monday through Saturday, and because of our same-day and next-day availability, we can be there to clean out commercial junk whenever you need us to be. We’ll be sure not to interrupt your other operations as we haul that unwanted stuff to our truck.

We are prepared so many different kinds of commercial junk, including office electronics, furniture, kitchen equipment, and even packaging waste. Not only that, but we’ll finish the job for a price you can get behind. Using our volume-based pricing system, you’ll never overpay because jobs of all sizes work off the same scale. We never add hidden fees to the final bill, so let go of your worries!

At Southland Junk Removal, we’re excited to serve local businesses because we’re a local business, too. Schedule now so you can grab our earliest available appointments! If you’re ready to begin, then there are two booking methods for you to choose from. If you don’t mind filling out a short contact form, then try contacting us online. Alternatively, give us a call at 949-607-6365.

southland junk removal experts cleaning up

How Commercial Junk Hauling Works

  1. Since nobody likes a junk removal crew that shows up late, we’ll be there on time, ready to work. We’ll call you when we’re heading over so you know to expect us.
  2. Accept our upfront quote when we provide it to you, then watch as our full-service team starts hauling. We make junk disappear in a flash!
  3. While we work, feel free to work on whatever other business needs to be done at your company. When we finish up, we’ll check in with you first thing.
  4. If you approve of the work we did, and we didn’t forget anything, then we’ll take your payment and head out. Thanks for choosing Southland Junk Removal! Enjoy the new free space.

Office Furniture Removal in Southern California

At Southland Junk Removal, we don’t think your unwanted office furniture belongs in the landfill when it’s still in good condition. This is why, when we remove your office furniture, we will take it to a local donation site instead, such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. All kinds of furniture will fit in there, including your old desks, chairs, tables, and so much more!

While handling your office furniture removal, we’ll keep in mind that the furniture is going to be reused and treat it with care. We are gentle with furniture, never knocking it against walls or floors, while also still working fast to save you time. Additionally, we know that dust and dirt have a habit of hiding underneath your furniture, so once we’ve removed it, we’ll come back with a broom to sweep up any messes that we might have uncovered. That way, your floors are spotless, your unwanted furniture is gone, and your face is smiling!

About Us

Southland Junk Removal, a family-owned junk removal business, has been hauling for you since 2015. We’re not planning to stop anytime soon, either. So when you need commercial junk removal services from experienced pros, count on us, because we’ve got the know-how to make your appointment a delight. In addition to this, our prices are pretty delightful, too. You can feel good about supporting our local business because we’re also a five-star business. That makes us the best available option for any kind of junk removal service you’ll ever need.

Commercial Junk We Take

Filing Cabinets
Packaging Waste
Old Stock
Store Fixtures


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