Clean Outs in SoCal

Our hardworking crew cleans out cluttered properties in SoCal.

What is a Clean Out?

Clean outs are needed in a number of different situations and Southland Junk Removal can help with them all!

Property managers turn to us when they need a junk removal team to quickly clean all possessions and debris left behind by former tenants.

Residents in Corona and other SoCal locations know that our crew can clean out houses, estates, garages, storage units, attics, and more!

Of course, we also serve businesses in the area. Whether it’s an office, retail space, restaurant, or warehouse, our staff can remove all unwanted items from the property quickly.

Southland Junk Removal expert ready to work


SoCal chooses us to handle cluttered properties because we make the cost of clean outs affordable! We can do this because we’re locally owned and operated. Not having to cover expensive corporate overhead allows us to keep costs in check and we pass those savings on to our clients.

Our great prices and honest upfront quotes make us the right choice when looking for a professional clean out crew.

Southland Junk Removal expert cleaning up a house


  1. Choose Southland Junk Removal over other clean out companies and schedule your appointment by calling 949-607-6365. If you prefer, you can request a clean out online.
  2. On clean out day, simply show our team around the property and explain what junk needs to be cleared out. We’ll give you a firm quote for the full cost of this job.
  3. Then our crew will begin gathering up the debris and moving out the junk. We’ll take care to protect walls, floors, and door frames from bumps and scrapes as we go.
  4. After the property has been completely cleaned out, we’ll check in with you. Have a look, point out anything we might have missed, and then give us two thumbs up.
  5. Our last step is to haul all junk away and make sure it’s properly donated or recycled. If that can’t be done, then we’ll dispose of it according to local rules and regulations.

Furniture Removal

Furniture can be difficult to move out on your own. It won’t fit in a box and you need a truck or trailer to haul it. Even if you have a way to move it, you need to know where to take it. Can it be donated and if not, does it need to be recycled?

Southland Junk Removal can make this process easier by handling all the details. Our team will lift, move, and load all bulky furniture including couches, bookshelves, tables, and even mattresses. The junk truck can hold a single piece of furniture or an entire house full. We understand how to properly recycle mattresses according to California laws and we know where to donate usable furniture items. Of course, we’re comfortable navigating transfer stations and landfills to dispose of furniture that can’t be recycled or reused.

About Us

You already know that Southland Junk Removal is a local California business, but did you know we are Veteran-owned and operated? It’s true! Our history of service means that we bring a unique skill set and attitude to the junk removal industry in Southern California. We have integrity, we believe in hard work, and we’re always prepared for anything!

Integrity means that we do what we say we’ll do. That goes for our upfront pricing as well as our commitment to finishing the clean out job properly. Our word is our oath.

We’re no strangers to hard work and we’ve assembled a team of junk haulers that meet our high standards. From start to finish, we give every job our full attention and focus. This is especially important with clean outs because they are so often long jobs that require extra grit and attention to detail.

Of course, we’re prepared for anything. For a typical junk removal job, we might just bring the crew and a truck, but clean outs are different. We know that we could encounter heavy, bulky, or even messy situations. So, we’ll bring extra equipment such as moving dollies, straps, shovels, and trash cans to ensure we can do the job right.

No matter how big or small your clean out needs might be, make Southland Junk Removal your go-to source for help. We’re always willing to answer questions and discuss details with you. Call 949-607-6365 to speak directly with a SoCal junk hauler on our team. We’ll get you set up and have your clean out complete in record time!

Items We Take

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