No matter what type of junk you’ve got, our junk removal services in Rialto have you covered!

Professional Junk Removal Services in Rialto, CA

Throughout its history, Rialto’s been known for being a number of things: a well-known stop along Route 66 and a ranching and railroad center, among other things. Today, Rialto houses over 104,000 people in a laid-back, suburban setting just 56 miles outside of Los Angeles. Suburban life, however, can get very busy. From working full-time hours to raising a family, it can be very difficult to put time aside for junk removal projects. For example, at-home work spaces can get cluttered fast. Or maybe, you dream of renovating your deck, but never have the time to find the right contractor. Southland Junk Removal is a one-stop-shop, hitting every mark for junk removal services in Rialto! From light demolition to cleanouts, our team of experts can do it all.

Why Us for Rialto Junk Removal?

With Southland Junk Removal, junk pick up in Rialto is easier than ever before! Not only does our full-service team complete your service from start to finish, we do it according to your schedule and terms! In fact, our open availability 6 days a week allows same and next-day appointments for junk removal services in Rialto. With an experienced and efficient crew, our hauling services always end with a happy customer.

Not located in Rialto? No worries! Our company doesn’t just offer services in one area. Based in Corona, we branch out to other nearby locations, too! To name a few, we also cover Barstow, Riverside, and Victorville.

Our Process

  1. To begin, book your service through our website, or just give us a call!
  2. Prior to your appointment, we’ll call you to talk pricing. Then, when junk haulers are heading your way, they’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know the ETA.
  3. As soon as our team arrives, they’ll observe your junk volume and present you with a free quote based on that.
  4. Lastly, we just need your approval to begin! Let the haulers know you’re satisfied with pricing, and they’ll start right away.


Old Furniture Removal in Rialto

Whether you’re moving, downsizing, or upgrading, you may need to get rid of some furniture items. That’s where we come in! As one of our many junk removal services in Rialto, we offer full-service furniture removal. From the moment we lift your furniture out your home to when we head to the proper disposal site, we simplify the process for you so that you can relax. The best part is, we’ll handle disposal responsibly by donating or recycling your unwanted furniture! That means that you can make your life easier and contribute to a cleaner environment at the same time. Here’s how it works:

About Us

At Southland Junk Removal, we’re proud to serve your area with the most trusted, full-service junk removal. Between our expertise, friendly attitudes, and prompt efficiency, we believe we’re best fit to tackle junk removal services in Rialto, without the expensive price tag! From the moment we answer your call to book, we show that you’re our first priority. Every step along the way, we ensure your needs are met according to your terms.

When it comes to disposal, our local team takes the community into consideration. In order to give back to the areas we know and love, we practice eco-friendly junk disposal! When it comes to valuable or usable items like electronics, furniture, and clothing, we always donate locally. On top of that, we practice recycling everyday to stray away from landfill dumping. By putting forth these efforts, we believe we can better your environment, too!

Need a service tackled ASAP? That’s why we’re here! Our doors are open all day 6 days a week for your convenience. Simply call us or schedule online, and we can get you in as soon as today!

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